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Have You Tried These 7 Essential Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercises?

Have You Tried These 7 Essential Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercises?

Learning to play jazz guitar means learning how to play over chord changes. One of the most effective harmonic devices to outline jazz chord progressions is arpeggios.

This article presents a 6 jazz guitar arpeggio exercises that teach how to outline the most common jazz chord progression, the ii V I.

If you are completely new to arpeggios, check out my jazz guitar arpeggio guide article which explains them in detail.

Each jazz guitar arpeggio is applied over a ii V I progression key and uses 1 octave arpeggios.

To play through the exercises in this article, you only need to know one a 1 octave D-7 arpeggio, G7 arpeggio and Cmajor7th arpeggio, which are tabbed out in the first example.



Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercise #1


When learning any new arpeggio or scale, firstly, ascend through it at least three times. The first jazz guitar arpeggio exercise is to ascend through of the three arpeggios using quarter note rhythms.


jazz guitar arpeggio exercises 1example 1



Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercise #2


Once you can cleanly ascend through each arpeggio, descend through each one as shown in jazz guitar arpeggio exercise 2.

jazz guitar arpeggio exercises 2example 2



Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercise #3


Now that you can run each of the three main arpeggios up and down the next jazz guitar arpeggio exercise is to go up and down each arpeggio.


jazz guitar arpeggio exercises 3 newexample 3



Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercise #4


Once you can smoothly ascend and descend through each arpeggio the next jazz guitar arpeggio exercise is to alternate ascending and descending between each different arpeggio.


jazz guitar arpeggio exercises 4example 4



Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercise #5


By now you should be able to fluently switch between all three of the different arpeggios. The next step is to switch between them starting on a note other than the root which is shown in Jazz guitar arpeggio exercise 5.

jazz guitar arpeggio exercises 5example 5



Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercise #6


The last two exercises focus on rhythm. When apply rhythms to arpeggios, the first step is to apply the same rhythm to each arpeggio as shown below.

jazz guitar arpeggio exercises 6example 6



Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Exercise #7


The next step is to play different rhythms over each chord. For a more comprehensive arpeggio rhythms guide, check out this article.


jazz guitar arpeggio exercises 7sample



Once you can smoothly outline the ii V I progression using one octave arpeggios, apply each of the 7 steps to arpeggios in the lower octave.


jazz guitar arpeggio arpeggios


To conclude this jazz guitar arpeggio exercises article, here is a short sample solo that uses all 7 steps with two octave arpeggios. The chord progression here is identical to the first eight bars of Tune Up.


sample solosample


I hope that you have enjoyed playing and studying each of these jazz guitar arpeggio exercises. What are some of your favorite jazz guitar arpeggio exercises? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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Wish you could use Soundcloud for your audio clips. The Adobe Flash player dont work on my iPad :( And I bet I am not the only one using iPad when practicing..

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This is an escellent lesson in many different ways. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Holroyd

Thank you William!

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Xtof Calis

Great lesson again, Jamie. Thank you.
Just this: exercise 7: I can't find the link to the arpeggio rhythms guide.
May I ask you to post it? Thanks.

Jamie Holroyd

Thanks Christophe! Sorry I forgot the link. Here it is: http://jamieholroydguitar.com/5-arpeggio-studies-for-guitar

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