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Jamie Holroyd Guitar



Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to teach, write, and present hundreds of jazz, blues, and rock guitar lessons in person, online, and in magazine articles.

If you are considering taking a lesson and would like to know more about my approach to teaching and performing then have a read through these testimonials from students, teachers, viewers and other guitar educators.

I appreciate and read every message, email, and comment I get from musicians all the world. Thank you all for taking the time to write to me and leaving feedback.

Please visit the Jamie Holroyd Guitar Skype Guitar Lessons Page for more information on my teaching packages.


Jamie Holroyd Guitar Testimonials


“Creative, musical and above all melodic, Jamie Holroyd brings a personalized approach to the guitar that one can’t help but notice. His ability to play solo arrangements, as well as interact creatively in a combo setting showcases a musicianship that is beyond his years. He is an up and coming guitarist that you will definitely want to keep your eyes on.”

Dr.Matthew Warnock (www.guitarinternational.com)


Thanks Jamie, for another great lesson yesterday! Your patience is in abundance, no matter how many times I failed to remember chord shapes you stuck with it — without pulling your hair out. Your concise, and direct approach to coaching your students has a modern aspect, which is what most music teachers, — particularly older teachers don’t seem to have. Must add, your wonderful sense of humour really helps. Thanks again.

– Alan O Skype Student


“Can’t thank you enough for the Autumn Leaves lesson.  Have always wanted to be able to play jazz guitar and now that I’m starting this journey, absolutely loving it.  Just watched the lesson through.  Exactly what I wanted!  Was really looking to gain an understanding behind what you were doing and what options were possible.  You’re a great instructor.  Really appreciate that you explain some of the theory behind it all.”
– John K, Custom Video Student


“I found the progression of the lessons (in Jamie Holroyd’s 30 Days to Better Jazz Comping) built logically upon one another. And I was finding myself learning something with almost every lesson, even those that covered stuff I thought I already knew… Jamie’s, lesson a day approach does help make the whole topic seem a lot less overwhelming, and makes it easy to set your own pace.”

— Guitarify (www.guitarify.com)


“Friendly, knowledgeable and highly skilled, both as a musician and a teacher. Jamie takes the time to find out what I want out of playing guitar and adapts the lessons and the pace to that and to my skill level. I am over 50, but relative ages are irrelevant – Jamie is a good teacher for any age of student.”

– Ian B Guitar Student at RAW Studios


“I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years, without a teacher – I was impressed with Jamie’s youtube vids so I booked a lesson. I was unsure of skype lessons, but it worked out fine – a good listener, Jamie gave me some fresh playing and practice ideas to help me out of a rut.”

Toby C – Skype Student from England


“Jamie is a terrific instructor with a knowledgeable, easy manner, who is full of encouragement. His Skype classes are well prepared and very enjoyable. Jamie consistently picks pieces and ideas that allow me to learn and enjoy the process.” –

Mark F – Skype Student from NYC


“Jamie is a rising star on the jazz guitar blogging scene. He constantly delivers pro material in a concise easy to understand manner. He also has exceptional communication and organizational skills-in short he will deliver. As a musician he shows a very deep understanding of the jazz language and has a good knowledge of the history of the music.”

Sam Smiley (www.samsmileymusic.com)


“Lovely, clean, round playing… Great sound, not just the guitar and the strings, but the touch. Well played.”

– Mike Walker  (www.mike-walker.co.uk)


“Jamie is a guitarist of distinction, playing in virtually all ensembles Yorkshire has to offer, with a versatility unmatched by any other guitarist!”

– Andrew Wood (www.andrewwoodjazz.co.uk)


“Lessons with Jamie are always an absolute pleasure and often the most enjoyable hour of my week. I have progressed more than I could have ever have imagined in the last 6 months of taking lessons. This is due to Jamie’s relaxed style and relentless encouragement in the face of any obstacles. His lessons are structured and well prepared with the focus on what you want to learn rather than what he wants to teach you. I would not hesitate at all in recommending him to any guitarist looking for a teacher.”

Scott G — Skype Guitar Lessons Student


“I have taken three of these lessons. They are well organized, clear and supported by great pdfs for continued study. I would not mind winning this. But regardless, am so happy that someone will benefit from Jamie Holroyd’s jazz guitar knowledge and expertise as a teacher.”

Dan W — Custom Guitar Video Lessons Student


“Wanted to give a HUGH Thank you to Matt and Jamie, for the recent eBook… briefly read through 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Comping, and I must say it is very impressive… quite a lot of fantastic information covered within it’s pages. Looking forward to diving deeper into it over the next few weeks. Thanks again Matt and Jamie… and if any of you are on the fence about purchasing 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Comping, definitely make that purchase, you will be very, very, happy you did!”

— Scott F


“I can really recommend it to all guitarists whether jazz players or not. It suits even beginners, but it takes a person very far into the knowledge of music (not only jazz). . This book is a musical pathway for a lifetime. MOST recommended!!! (Thanks again, Jamie!)”

– Jeremy A


“Love this lesson. Really expanded my guitar vocabulary. Never that familiar or applied the melodic minor generally in my playing, but I am fascinated with jazz players all the time. Getting to get familiar with the genre (and blues) now after years of rock and metal exclusively. Thanks for sharing this.”

– Shazo S


“Really straight forward lessons, and inspiring .. thanks! As an long time player I still admire someone who can breakdown a lot of the bs and give the info they need to – well done. I subbed .. not so much to learn .. but more to be inspired. Keep it up mate, this is good stuff.”

– Whacko


“Hello Jamie your videos are fantastic you are so clear and direct when you show us stuff, there are lots of videos out there but your pace and how you explain is great.”

– Marvin


“I came across your rendition of Polka Dots and Moonbeams while searching around for tone samples of es-125’s. Yours is by far the most beautiful I’ve found. I watch it on youtube all the time, and I’d love to have it to carry around with me.”

– Xan M


“Bought your ebook “30 days to better jazz guitar comping” a couple of weeks ago. You’ve done a great job — its so inspiring and it helped me a lot to improve my playing. Now I’m curious about your new book…”

– Eugen

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