Jamie Holroyd Guitar

Jamie Holroyd Guitar

Custom Guitar Video Lessons

Custom Guitar Video Lessons

Do You Want to Start Learning Jazz Guitar or Take Your Playing to the Next Level?


Are you fed up of paying for products that don’t offer much in return and going on forums to find vague or overwhelming answers?

There is no substitute for a good guitar teacher who can help you reach your goals and become the player that you want to be.

Thanks to technology you can now study with the right teacher without leaving the comfort of your home through custom jazz guitar video lessons.


Custom Guitar Video Lessons


Custom guitar video lessons are personalised and private video lessons made by me just for you on any jazz or blues guitar topic that you would like to learn. Besides watching the lessons you can also create video responses and I will offer feedback on your progress.

If you would like a custom video lesson just drop me an email with what you want to learn and I will make a video for you that is uploaded to YouTube. You will then receive a private link that only you can watch as many times as you want to and you can even download the lesson to your computer/tablet/phone so you can watch it offline.

Each lesson comes with a detailed PDF write up of the topics discussed and tab/notated examples. Fee backing tracks and other resources are also included in this package.




  • Have a personal video that you can watch as many times as you need to and download to your PC
  • Each lesson includes PDF’s of lesson topics, backing tracks, and other resources
  • Get a detailed write up of the lesson discussing goals and homework
  • Don’t need a fast internet connection or recording equipment yourself
  • Have the option to post videos of your own playing to get feedback
  • Review videos as many times as you need to
  • Free email support inbetween each lesson


Teaching Style


“I aim to demystify the guitar in a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere, meeting the student at their level, breaking down complex aspects into disgestable chunks”


Student Testimonial


“I have taken three of these lessons. They are well organized, clear and supported by great pdfs for continued study. I would not mind winning this. But regardless, am so happy that someone will benefit from Jamie Holroyd’s jazz guitar knowledge and expertise as a teacher.”

Dan W – Private Student


15 Minute Video Lesson = $35
30 Minute Video Lesson = $55

How to Order


If you would like to order a custom video lesson please use the contact page on this site. I respectfully ask that all payments are made via Paypal after the video has been ordered. After you have placed your order you will receive your video within a couple of days.


About Me


I have helped students of all ages and abilties reach their goals as guitarists as well as assisted in educational workshops and given guest lectures at the Leeds College of Music.

Through teaching guitar I have learnt that every student is different so I don’t have one set method that works for every guitarist. Instead I plan and deliver customised guitar lessons for each student with a focus on what they want to learn.

As a writer, my articles have been published by Guitar Player and Guitar International magazine and I am about to release my secound ebook on jazz guitar playing.

Feel free to read my full bio here

I am also a full registered guitar teacher with the Registery of Guitar Tutors in conjuction with the London College of Music




Sample Video Lessons



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