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How to Play Jazz Guitar Chords

How to Play Jazz Guitar Chords

Developing a strong comping and chord vocabulary and learning how to play jazz guitar chords is just as important as learning licks and scales. But with there been so many chords and comping techniques, knowing how to study them effectively can be tough.

With many books simply just being a thesaurus of chords with little to no application or explanation, it leaves most guitarists confused, resulting in them forgetting half of the chords learnt on the first page by the time they get half way through the book.

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The goal of this project is to not only provide 30 days of material to practice, but give you hours, months, and years worth of practice to open your minds to chords and comping techniques on the instrument.

Some of these exercises will be tricky to do, like the charleston rhthm etudes, but dont let that get you down. The tougher things to work on are usually the most benefitial. Stick with it and it will pay off in the long run.

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How to Play Jazz Chords in 30 Days


Day 1: How to Practice Jazz Guitar Chords

Day 2: 4 Must Know Right Hand Jazz Guitar Comping Techniques

Day 3: Master Four To A Bar Comping

Day 4: See How Easily You Can Master The Charleston Rhythm

Day 5: Double Your Dominant 7th Chords in Less Than 10 Minutes

Day 6: Increase Your Chord Inversions by 200%: How to See 3 Chords as 1

Day 7: Double Your Dominant Chords Again Just By Changing One Note

Day 8: How to Play Bossa Nova on Guitar

Day 9: Who Else Wants Better Time?

Day 10: 4 Steps to Creating Jazz Guitar Chord Solo’s

Day 11: Spice Up Your Voicings With Inner String Movement

Day 12: How to Play Chords and Single Lines Together Using a Phrase Chart

Day 13: 3 Must Know V-I Jazz Guitar Chord Licks

Day 14: Everything You Need to Know About 4th Voicings

Day 15: McCoy Tyner Style Quartal Etude

Day 16: How to Play Johnny Smith Style Closed Position Voicings

Day 17: How to Comp with Bass Lines

Day 18: Bass Line Blues Comping Etude

Day 19: 10 Must Know I VI II V Substitutions

Day 20: Kenny Burrell Style Blues Chord Solo

Day 21: What Are Shell Voicings and How Can They Effect Your Jazz Guitar Comping?

Day 22: 3 Proven Ways to Thoroughly Learn a Chord Progression

Day 23: How to Comp Rhythm Changes

Day 24: Rhythm Changes Comping Etude

Day 25: 4 Ways to Comp with Another Chordal Instrument

Day 26: Essential Solo Jazz Guitar Arrangement Tips

Day 27: Jazz Guitar Endings Guide

Day 28: 5 Must Know Jazz Guitar Ending Licks

Day 29: How to Play Killer Jazz Guitar Intros

Day 30: How to Play Triads on Guitar


how to play jazz guitar chords



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