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Funky Grant Green Lick Lesson

Funky Grant Green Lick Lesson

When learning jazz guitar licks, there are few better jazz musicians to study than Grant Green.

Grant Green was a master of both the bebop and blues language and is one of the most accessible players for beginner jazz guitarists to transcribe.

This lesson teaches how to play a funky and bluesy Grant Green lick that Grant frequently used when improvising.

The signature Grant Green lick in this lesson was frequently used by Grant Green in blues tunes. Because of this I have applied the lick to the dominant 7th chord type.

Besides working over dominant 7th chords, this Grant Green lick will work over any type of major or unaltered dominant chords such as 6ths, 9ths, and 13ths.




Things to Notice in This Grant Green Lick


  • Using triads to create motifs and lines
  • Jazz rhythmic devices such as syncopation and triplets
  • The use of chromatic approach notes
  • Using rhythmic variation and repetition
  • Tageting colour tunes, in this example the 16th, E naturual.
  • The use of guide tones


grant green lick


Grant Green Lick Video Lesson




When practicing this Grant Green lick, be careful not to rush the triplets and try to mute the strings that are not played with right hand.

Both parts of the lick start the same way and it is well worth practicing the start of the lick in your own practice sessions.

Try to create as many lines as you can that start with a chromatic approach leading in a triplet in triads.

Like any jazz lick that you learn, remember to practice this lick in all 12 keys and in different positions on the guitar neck.

What do you think of this Grant Green lick? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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Your a good teacher,god bless you for each lesson you teach to us

Jamie Holroyd

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the lessons!

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Thanks. Not only is this a cool lick but you introduced me to a new guitarist. (I don't listen to much jazz. I just like learning "jazzy" things). I've been listening to Grant Green all day.

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