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8 Really Useful Dominant 7th Chord Inversions

8 Really Useful Dominant 7th Chord Inversions

Dominant 7th chord inversions are an important part learning jazz guitar chords. This article aims to teach you how to play 8 different dominant 7th chord inversions that are used in jazz and blues guitar playing.

The dominant 7th chord inversions in this article are unaltered dominant 7ths that contain diatonic extensions. The two most common diatonic extensions guitarists add to dominant 7th chords are 13ths and 9ths.

These extensions provide interest and flavour to a chord without making them sound too open and dissonant. Because of this each of these dominant 7th chord inversions can be used in a variety of different settings.

Altered dominant chords generally mean raised or lowered 9ths or 5ths. Try lowering the 13ths and raising the 9ths within the voicings in this article and see what altered voicings you come up with.

Readers who like the blues riffs of players like Robben Ford and Hollywood Fats should enjoy learning and playing these dominant 7th chord inversions.

Those who like the jazz guitar style of players like Kenny Burrell should also find this dominant 7th dominant 7th chord inversions  article useful.



Dominant 7th Chord Inversions — 13th Chords


The first set of dominant 7th chord inversions to learn is 13th chords. 13th chords have a big fat punchy sound which make them useful for jazz chord soloing like in this Kenny Burrell etude.

The first two inversions contain exactly the same notes but are on different string sets of the guitar.


Dominant 7th Chord Inversions - 13th Chords



Dominant 7th Chord Inversions — 9th Chords


The second type of dominant 7th inversions jazz and blues guitarists use is 9th chords.

In one of his seminars, Ted Greene refers to the first grip as the Kenny Burrell Chord.

The second dominant 7th chord inversion is one of my dominant 7th shapes to harmonize the root on the top E string.

The final shape is a classic inversion that is sometimes known as the “James Brown Chord”.


Dominant 7th Chord Inversions - 9th chords



Dominant 7th Chord Inversion Jazz Blues Study


To comlete this dominant 7th chord inversions study here is an etude that contains each grip in a jazz blues setting.

Make sure to practice each of these dominant 7th chords with different jazz rhythms to get the most out of them.

dominant 7th chord inversions jazz blues studyaudio



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