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Jamie Holroyd Guitar

50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks

50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks

jazz 2Welcome to 50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks. You have found the right book if you are looking to expand your jazz guitar vocabulary and emulate your favorite jazz guitar players.

By studying and working with the licks in this eBook, you will not only learn how to improvise over different chord types and progressions, but be able to construct your own lines and solos in the style of your favorite jazz guitarists.

Besides learning over 50 jazz licks, you will also learn 5 full complete solos over full chord progressions which provide direct musical application.

I hope you enjoy playing and learning the licks in this eBook and they help build a solid foundation on which to construct your own language and ultimately your own lick book.


Topics covered in 50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks

  • Swing, blues, bebop, hard bop, and modern jazz licks in the style of Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, and Kenny Burrell.
  • Improvising over short and long major and minor ii-V-I chord progressions
  • Constructing licks and improvising over major, minor and dominant 7th chord types.
  • Composing full solos using a variety of different jazz guitar licks
  • Playing over standard, modal and jazz blues chord progressions.


When Buying 50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks You Get

  • 52 Page Printable PDF eBook
  • 50 Jazz Guitar Licks in Tab and Notation
  • 60 Accompanying Audio Examples
  • Bonus Practice Tips and Exercises
  • Specific Practice Tasks with Each Lick
  • Easy to Understand Analysis of Each Lick
  • 5 Full Jazz Solo Etudes with Backing Tracks


50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks Sample


Audio Example 28

Example 28


Audio Example 29

Example 29


Audio Example 30

Example 30


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50 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks Reviews


“I was able to download the zip file around 3 hours ago and already, I found myself drowning in so much to learn – and I mean that in a great way. With included practice tips and wisdom from Jamie, this eBook is worth more than it costs. Each lick comes with the theory behind it and how to apply them for your own usage. I find this extremely useful because I’m more concerned with how a particular line was constructed and conceived rather than just ripping off the lick and randomly inserting it in an improv. I like this approach – teaching a man how to fish, instead of just giving him fish, so to speak.

For everyone who’s seemingly needs to think twice about buying this, stop thinking and hit the “Buy” button. I promise you it won’t disappoint. GREAT work on this one, Mr. Holroyd!” – JC


“There is ALOT of pertinent information within these pages.  It is an in-depth and challenging introduction to jazz guitar.  There are no shortcuts to becoming a musician, but this book will give you a tremendous leg up on how and why lines work.  This book is a steal for the price and what it offers.  Highly recommended for advanced beginners and intermediate students.  Excellent resource and very well thought out.” – Jimmy D




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