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5 Minor Blues Guitar Licks

5 Minor Blues Guitar Licks

In this lesson I have written out 5 minor blues guitars licks with audio examples, tab and notation.

The first blues progressions guitarists get introduced to is usually the major blues which can result in the minor blues getting neglected so this article should help balance out the two progressions.

Each of these licks can be applied to minor blues tunes such as the Thrill is Gone and Tin Pin Alley as well as tunes that are mainly in minor keys such as Hit The Road Jack.

Many of these minor blues guitar licks have a jazz flavour too, so you can use them to better your jazz guitar improv chops.


Minor Blues Guitar Licks Example 1


This first minor blues guitar licks example illustrates how simple phrases are effective and how vibrato can make just about any note sound good.

The lick fits a minor blues progression perfectly because the half tone bend approaches the minor third of the chord in content which in this example is D.

Play this slowly and quietly to bring atmosphere to your solo and remember to apply a lot of vibrato to the last note.


Minor Blues Licks Example 1Example 1



Minor Blues Guitar Licks Example 2


This next lick shows how effective targeting the 9th of the chord is.

Slide up to the 9th of the chord from a fret below with your 3rd finger to get a nice smooth sound before finish on the root of the chord.

This lick is a classic signature of blues legend BB King.


Minor Blues Licks Example 2Example 2



Minor Blues Guitar Licks Example 3


Many minor blues guitar licks tend to be on the top strings of the guitar, but playing on the low strings produce a funky and full sound.

This lick is also slightly unusual because it requires bending down instead of up on the first note.

The 6th, G# in this example adds a nice flavour to this lick too.


Minor Blues Licks Example 3Example 3



Minor Blues Guitar Licks Example 4


Sliding into triads within solos can be an effective tool when learning blues guitar.

Minor blues guitar licks example 4 looks a bit fearsome on the dots, but all that’s really happening is some sliding into a root position minor triad.

The lick finishes on a D minor triad which works well because it contains the guide tones of B-7 which are D and A.


Minor Blues Licks Example 4Example 4

Minor Blues Guitar Licks Example 5


To finish this minor blues guitar licks article off here’s a cool pedal lick that uses the blues scale.

If you are a plectrum player some other right hand techniques are required to play this lick. I would recommend either using the fingers or a pick and fingers to play two notes at once.

All of the notes within the minor pentatonic scale sound good with a B pedal note on the top E string so try out some variations on this lick.


Minor Blues Licks Example 5Example 5

I hope that you have enjoyed playing and listening to each of these 5 minor blues guitar licks. Who are some of your favorite blues guitairsts? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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